n8fauxto asked:

Is photography to you now what it was to you when first got into it?

Man this is a good one.

I guess I would have to say it’s not the same. As of recently especially it’s been a really good distraction among other things to keep my mind off of some stuff that’s been going on, and that would really be getting to me if I were to dwell on it. I don’t know. That may sound dumb. Some people complain a lot about their personal problems on the internet. I’m just gonna kinda keep taking pictures or whatever and just kinda go on business as usual and see how that works out.

So yeah. Short answer is that taking pictures is not what it was to me because for the most part in the past I was trying to preserve memories whereas now I’m trying to move forward I guess.  

Great question though. One of the best I have gotten I think.