gdagostarophoto asked:

Hey, your black and white 120 photos with flash are really nice! Anyway you would wanna do a trade or sell a print of the 67 BW Hand gun photo? I actually dont really have much work posted outside of skate photos at the moment so if you cant find anything you like let me know, I can probaly get some stuff together. Cheers, G

Hey yeah i would be super down to do some sort of trade. I cant decide on which photo though. I like the front wallride, the ledge to ledge 50 and the table 5-0. Just
E-mail me and we can work sumn out. Its im exited man, i like your photos!

highwaterz asked:

What time was the 30 minute exports if taken and film speed etc. ?

I think i shot the 30 minute one at around 10:30 pm @ f/3.5 or so. The film was 100 speed. Its only so bright because the moon was mostly full and there was a little ambient light from the place i was at in the mountains. The one hour exposure (which i prefer out of the 2 photos) was on the same film @ about f/5.6.

Thanks for the question! I really have a good time answering them when i get em’.